About us

Our team

We are a team of four industrial management engineers that all had the chance to be trained in EMINES School Of Industrial Management ,an engineering school that provided us with a scientific and technical background combined with economics and management skills, through learning by doing and real-life projects.

Sara Benlafqih 

  Chief Executive Officer and co-founder

Boutaina Mounir

Chief Technology Officer and co-founder

Carl Tali

Chief Product Officer and co-founder

Sofia Ait Si Mohamed

Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder

Our school training, our entrepreneurial experience and the time spent on technology and business development provided us with appropriate experience, scientific knowledge, technical expertise, business skills, passion and determination to bring our technology solution from the lab to market and achieve our goals.

Our Story

We started our entrepreneurial adventure together during university years :


We were the team leading Enactus club of our university.


We founded and leaded EMINES Social Entrepreneurship club (ESE) whose mission is to solve African social challenges through new technology inventions and innovations.


During our two-years-term as leaders of both clubs, we created 3 entrepreneurial projects: a digital smart glove dedicated to deaf-mute people that won the second place in the YALDA international digital i-boot camp, an eco-friendly machine that transforms plastic waste into fuel to address informal plastic waste management sector problems and a domestic solar fridge that brought the idea of our current project.


We founded BMTA&C after 6 months dedicated to the feasibility study on the creation of the start-up within EMINES’s end-of-studies project framework.


We built our scientific models, carried out simulations to design our technology, manufactured many prototypes and went to the field for our market research.


We are raising funds !